All is not lost: How to fix the dreaded missing dll file error?

First install theNVIDIA GPU driver if you have not. You can use the following command to verify it is installed. To finish,we open the DLL code in download here Visual Studio and edit it.The only thing left tocreate our own DLLis to compile and install it as we saw earlier in this post. Finally, and in order tomodify and compile the DLL file again, weexport the code to Visual Basic. It should be noted that the exported code will be in the C # language, even if the code in the DLL file is written in a different language. During this process, the user might be prompted to restart the operating system.

Detections of this type are based on Symantec’s reputation-based security technology. Because this detection is based on a reputation score, it does not represent a specific class of threat like adware or spyware, but instead applies to all threat categories. ♦ Ntdll.dll is such a problem which is caused by the DLL virus and corrupts the windows programs and hardware drivers and also shows different error messages which are so irritating.

Even after reinstalling the game and rebooting the system, nothing changes. If you have a trusty third-party antivirus solution on your PC, you should use it to scan every nook and cranny of your system – keep in mind that malware is particularly stealthy these days. Apart from the two solutions explained in this article, you can also upgrade your Windows 10 to the latest version which can fix the error as well. Make sure to confirm that this fixes the issue, otherwise, download and install Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Redistributable instead.

How to Fix plugin.dll Errors

This tool is built into the Windows operating system and is designed to register and unregister DLL files already on the computer. There are numerous programs available for this task, but Regsvr32 is one of the most common. We can also choose to solve the problem by installing the latest version of DirectX, Microsoft Visual C ++ Reditributable.

  • This will start downloading all of the missing files.
  • The file location will appear on File Explorer, where you can choose the file to edit.
  • Have a nnnmkkj.dll residing in /system32 which I am prohibited from performing any action as the file is always being accessed by another application.

The .DLL file extension stands for Dynamic Link Library. The development of this file was done by Microsoft. Yes, you can delete DLL files, however, deleting them can cause irregularities in the functioning of some applications that are sharing the DLL file. Most applications are released with their own DLL files, if the missing file falls into this category, the clean and updated file can be requested from the application developers. I just do not know what to do to get those applet icons to refer to what’s assigned in the registry. Uninstalling IconPackager also messed up a few of my file type icons such as the .doc icon, which is currently displaying the Windows 10 default shield icon .


Consider the .DLL worked for well for awhile until external things changed. So you know most all of the code in the dll works. All that needs to change is the one part that manages your calculation, no need to recreate the other code. Seriously don’t bring the DLL project into your project, keep it separate and take advantage of that design. Just going forward on the company network create a place to keep ALL source code and projects so no one will have to go looking for code like you did.

Run the sfc/scannow command to replace any missing or incorrect operating system related DLL files. Recovering a DLL file with a file recovery program is a smart idea only if you’re confident you’ve deleted the file yourself and that it was working properly before you did that. Recover the deleted DLL file with a free file recovery program. If you suspect that you’ve accidentally deleted the DLL file but you’ve since emptied the Recycle Bin, a file recovery program can help.

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