7 Game-Changing Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams in 2024

Another great thing about monday.com is that it has native iOS and Android apps so that teams can continue monitoring operations even while on the go. Lastly, it comes with open API capabilities and supports a wide variety of third-party integrations. When it comes to remote work, one of the biggest challenges is monitoring the progress of tasks.

  • Set assignees and due dates, then use Power-Ups to automatically send updated info to apps like Jira and Slack or customize task cards.
  • This way, you no longer have to manually input data and risk inconsistencies with the billable hours.
  • It offers thousands of community made templates and integrations to design documents, take meeting notes, publish websites and more.
  • Meetings can last up to 40 minutes, and even more under different plan packages.
  • It also comes with smart notifications so that you and your teammates are always in the loop whenever there are updates on tasks at hand.

NTask has all the essential features that might be needed for managing projects remotely. You can create to-do lists, message boards, and schedules, and share files and documents, all within the same app. This streamlines communication and keeps everyone on the same page, even when working remotely. It lets you add multiple participants into a call and features an intuitive overall structure for anyone to quickly grasp its functioning.


While it’s not technically a collaboration tool for remote teams, we think it’s still worth mentioning here. Bonusly is an employee recognition and rewards platform that allows team members to give each other recognition and rewards for their contributions. Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform integrated with Microsoft 365 for chat, video meetings, file sharing, and more. Whenever you need to jump on a quick call with a colleague or you need to organize a formal meeting with a new client, Microsoft Teams is a great tool for that. The Asana free plan is great for individuals or small businesses of less than 15 people that need a basic project management tool or want to try out its features before upgrading to a paid plan.

And you can easily manage tasks while your team members focus on productivity. A proprietary messaging platform, Flock is what you need for effortless communication and collaboration. It enables users to work together by organizing all the productivity tools in one place. You can use it as your collaborative online workspace to stay connected with your remote teams anywhere in the world.

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This makes it easier to keep tabs on absences, overtimes, and undertimes. Moreover, this data can also be used to evaluate the productivity of each remote employee. GoToMeeting is a simple and straightforward system, making it a great option for distributed teams with tech-averse members. However, this is not to say that the platform doesn’t provide powerful functionalities. On the contrary, it’s a more heavy-duty alternative to tools like Skype and Google Hangouts as it can handle large-scale HD video conferences.

  • With this at your disposal, you can perform contract lifecycle management, store your files in a secure place, cut down on printed documents, as well as improve approval workflows.
  • Channels help us stay organized, while direct messages facilitate one-on-one convos.
  • Digital collaboration tools are software that help remote teams connect.
  • The Free version allows 100 participants at a meeting and adds automated captions.
  • Designed exclusively for Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, Polly is another employee engagement tool in our list that simplifies polling.
  • It requires consistent effort to tick off tasks, and tasks can accumulate and lead to a sense of task overload, which looks overwhelming and feels it too.” – Sharne M.

A calendar integration streamlines scheduling and organizes meetings within familiar tools. However, the most important of these features is the ease of joining meetings. IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a workflow automation tool that helps teams automate tasks and processes with triggers and actions. It enables users to create connections between various applications and services through the use of triggers and actions, automating tasks and processes based on certain events or conditions.

Vuforia Chalk: Best remote troubleshooting app

While Basecamp has a mobile app, some users might find that it has a few limitations compared to the desktop version. Its storage facility has helped us in storing and collaborating with each other on documents, files, etc. All of its features like the schedule display were easy to implement and keep us up to date without progress.” – Abhinash B. At the heart of modern communication lies Zoom, a platform that’s been connecting distributed teams long before remote work became popular. Zoom’s mission is clear and heartfelt – to connect people by fostering happiness through shared experiences.

Todoist is a task management platform for remote teams to collaborate and manage tasks from anywhere globally. It provides powerful tools to help users organize their projects and tasks. With Todoist’s intuitive interface, users can easily create and assign tasks, assign due dates and labels to tasks, and set reminders for themselves or teammates. Zoom is a remote collaboration dedicated remote collaboration tool for individuals and teams to connect and communicate with one another from anywhere in the world. It offers a variety of features to make collaboration easier, such as video conferencing, file sharing, messaging, and whiteboard tools. ProProfs Project is a dynamic project management tool with a user-friendly interface.

These tools empower your team (and clients) to work flexibly from any location and at any time while facilitating asynchronous collaboration. Tandem is for those of us who still wave hello and goodbye during video meetings. This meeting app lets you wave at your remote coworkers—just to say hi or to signal you’re up for a chat.

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There is no need to save anything, as whatever changes you make are saved in real time. In addition, you can see version history, and if you want, you can easily restore to any of the earlier versions. Stephanie Seymour is a senior business analyst and one of the crucial members of the FinancesOnline research team. She is a leading expert in the field of business intelligence and data science. She specializes in visual data discovery, cloud-based BI solutions, and big data analytics. She’s fascinated by how companies dealing with big data are increasingly embracing cloud business intelligence.

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