15 Remote Tech Jobs With the Highest Salaries

If you don’t have any prior skills, consider the type of background employers look for when hiring for the job, and the competition you’ll be up against. This is what web designers do, and they can earn a great income completely remotely. Companies pay well for this type of work because a lot is riding on your success in the position. If you keep your clients happy, they’ll stay for many months or years and continue to pay for whatever it is your business provides. Any business that has clients or ongoing accounts needs account managers to maintain the relationships.

The average salary for financial managers is around $134,180 and the unemployment rate remains low at 2.9%. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that 118,200 financial manager roles should emerge between 2020 and 2030. Most software engineers have extensive experience with various technical tools and programming languages that include — but are not limited to — Java, C++, and XML.

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If you are interested in a career as an actuary, you will need to have strong mathematical skills and the ability to think logically. In addition, you must be able to handle large amounts of data and be able to work with complex computer https://remotemode.net/blog/15-highest-paying-remote-jobs-you-can-get/ models. Actuaries are professionals who use mathematics and statistics to assess risk and uncertain events. They typically work in the insurance industry, but may also work in other industries such as finance, consulting, and healthcare.

What is the highest paying job ever to exist?

A neurosurgeon is the highest paying job in the world; neurosurgeons are specially trained to diagnose and surgically treat central and peripheral nervous system disorders. In today's world, it is the most in-demand medical profession, so extensive training and education are needed.

They must be skilled with computer software such as Microsoft applications, JavaScript and SFDC. Following are multiple roles where remote workers are flourishing, both professionally and financially. If you don’t see your desired job title, area of expertise, interest, or work experience, it doesn’t mean your options and high-earning potential are limited.

Digital Marketing Manager

If you’re wondering how to go about finding remote or hybrid work anywhere in the United States, Goodwin Recruiting can help. We have hundreds of Recruiting Partners from coast to coast, with a constant pulse on available and high-paying remote jobs. The best remote jobs make it easy to do the required work from anywhere—think customer service, tech, finance, or marketing.

highest paying remote jobs

But that’s a problem you’d only have to worry about after acquiring many years of experience. Like many jobs in IT, more of this type of work is able to be performed online/remotely with each coming year. That’s the trend we’re going in, which is exciting if you’re eager to work remotely. Depending on the size of the systems administration team and the size/setup of the overall company, workers holding this job could be allowed to work remotely or work from home. Yet overall, I cannot recommend digital marketing enough as a remote career to consider. As more companies do more business online, cybersecurity is becoming paramount for practically every organization, from online stores to social media sites to hospitals and health insurance organizations.

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Apple has excellent developer tools and resources for you to reference. Software engineering is the backbone behind all of the services you use on a daily basis. When you access websites like Google, Facebook and Twitter, the features that you see are implemented by software engineers. Data engineers are important to companies because they have the skill set to take large data sets and organize the data into systems that can be understood by other data functions.

Marketing directors oversee the entire marketing team to ensure a company’s marketing campaigns are successful. These managers act as leaders of a sales team to increase revenue, and they are responsible for solving problems the team faces. To get this role, you should be both organized and analytical and have a bachelor’s degree. Working in sales might not always be lucrative — the median annual salary for sales positions is $30,600. But some jobs in this field can earn you a healthy paycheck, many of which you can do from home.

Begin your search for the perfect remote job by checking out Indeed’s list of high-paying remote jobs. We’ve listed 18 jobs that all have the potential to pay $100K+ per year. Product and project manager jobs are now some of the top-paying remote jobs you can get, FlexJobs found. See which job titles under this category could pay you well while you work from home.

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